Watercolor Workshop with Linda Foley

    Wavescape Linda Foley

    The date is Friday, May 24 in the Social Hall at the Church of the Dunes in Grand Haven. The time is 10:30 a.m.

This is an opportunity to sample her style. She paints in a free and loose style of watercolor.  Wet paper and wet pigment create wonderful activity causing the paint to flow across the page. Her usual method of painting involves many layers and much drying time.

She will demonstrate  a “creative puddle”, dropping in colors that blend seamlessly on wet paper and apply it to a more direct painting method that is more easily done with limited time. In this workshop you will experiment with the ratio of pigment to water to best exploit to properties of the wet-in-wet style. There will be time for you to paint.

You will need:

watercolor paper,

a palette,

a support for the paper. And a clip or tape to attach the paper.

something to prop the support against- a box of tissues will do

bring whatever paint and brushes that you have

pencil and eraser

We will work for an hour, break for lunch, then paint again.

Space is limited, to register contact helenlystrastudio@yahoo.com

If you have questions  lindafoleyartist@gmail.com

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